Enterprise Generative AI Summit West Coast 2025

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Enterprise Gen AI Practitioners
Generative AI Vendors
Cloud Service Providers & Hyperscalers
Consultancies/Accountancies/Law Firms

The Enterprise Generative AI Summit West is the premier conference on the West Coast for AI practitioners, data scientists and business leaders looking to adopt Generative AI capabilities within organisations. The conference is split into two tracks: data science and business-level decision-making, to take advantage of technical and senior management expertise.

Why are we unique?

Two- Track Agenda

Two-track event representing the C-suite and business decision-makers looking to increase investment in Gen AI technology and transform business practices. The second track represents the AI technologists, model builders and internal data science teams within enterprises. Giving you exposure to both teams to aid in the understanding of where and why Gen AI can be adopted.

Adoption & Integration

Both tracks focused on realistic enterprise adoption of Generative AI. Programme goes beyond just the adoption results of Gen AI, but also the data foundation that must be created to harness the power of Gen AI. Equipping you with the tools and background knowledge on how to adopt Gen AI.

Building AI Safety

Goes beyond initial conversations of why AI safety is needed and instead delves into the technical construction of privacy, security, and hallucination-prevention to help mitigate adoption risk. Helping you understand the risks associated with Gen AI and arming you with best practices to avoid costly mistakes. 

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Why Attend

Enterprise Generative AI Summit West brings together enterprise-level industry leaders with AI/ML practitioners in a unique and meaningful forum of ideas with multi-industry experience. Our network is uniquely positioned to inform on use cases, curate ideas for Generative AI techniques and plan for the infrastructural demands of these advanced systems.

With individuals predominantly in finance, medical research/drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail/consumer, transport, and communications, we have a wide range of AI experts to connect, network and learn from.

Generative AI Practitioners/Data Scientists

We have a dedicated track for the most pressing data science issues – discussing AI infrastructure across departments – from managing complex data operations to technical deep dives into reducing token amounts to create efficiency gains. Furthermore, learn from AI model builders how they create robust systems for data compliance, manage model garden offerings and differentiate between proprietary/private and public data sources while considering weights and biases.

Business Leaders

Learn about Generative AI use case product offerings and get a handle on total cost of ownership considerations. Our headline sessions focus on understanding the core business needs and use cases for on-premise and cloud infrastructure, Generative AI return-on-investment (ROI) and presenting use cases for Generative AI cross-department pollination of systems and capabilities. Automating current practices, implementing LLMs, benchmarking AI product progression, and advancing customer service optimizations. Along with discovering possibilities for the next wave of Generative AI applications and the need for greater system interfacing.

Generative AI Model Builders

Meet your peers working on similar models, other technologists developing internal enterprise models and hyperscalers producing systems at scale. Connect and partner with individuals and companies across the technology and enterprise spectrum to advance and advocate your business's platform and services. Moreover, we have dedicated sessions illustrating the core needs of enterprises in adopting Generative AI techniques and applications and panels by investors deliberating on the next Generative AI investment wave. 

Hardware Technology Vendors, Consultancies, VCs, and Start-Ups

Understand the pressure points for enterprises and meet, network and partner with industry leaders from hyperscalers, cloud service providers, enterprises, and investment firms. Our sessions include infrastructure hardware planning, re-imagining data science workflow dynamics, building and training Generative AI models and implementing emerging technologies and AI use cases within both start-up and large enterprise environments

2024 Featured Speakers

Industry Verticals Represented Include...

  • Consumer
    Walmart, Coca-Cola, Pinterest
  • Manufacturing & Energy
    Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center, Reignite Future
  • Finance
    Bank of America, Citigroup, Capital One, LTX Trading, Women Of AI, Bosch Ventures, B Capital Group, Hitachi Ventures, Pursuit Ventures
  • Pharma & Healthcare
    Amgen, CVS Health, GE Healthcare
  • Communications, Search & Social Media
    LinkedIn, Saatchi & Saatchi, You.com
  • Tech
    Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Royal NLR, Data Camp

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