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Persuade your manager

Enterprise Generative AI Summit West Coast
May 2025

Embrace Generative AI With Your Organization

  • Learn
    Leading Gen AI techniques from business leaders and technologists at the cutting edge of enterprise-level integration to enhance your team's knowledge of AI technologies and solutions on the market.
  • Collaborate & Roadmap
    Discuss in-depth topics such as hallucination prevention with your team, peers, and over 200+ AI professionals, helping your team understand and mitigate the key issues of Gen AI implementation.
  • Team-building
    Use the conference to connect different aspects of your team – from legal teams dealing with data privacy to technologists building the Gen AI infrastructure in your company – this is the one conference to unite these teams.

Persuade Your Manager Toolkit

We've streamlined the process for obtaining approval for your ticket to the Enterprise Generative AI Summit. Just copy the email provided below and send it directly to your manager.

Hi [Manager Name],

The Enterprise Generative AI Summit West conference is an excellent opportunity for our team and my personal growth in the industry – enhancing our understanding and implementation of Generative AI in our organization.

Event details:

Date: 21-22 May, 2024
Venue: Embassy Suites Milpitas, 901 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035  

$1,199 - Enterprise Business Leaders & Enterprise Data Scientists
$2,199 - Tech Ecosystem / Consultancies / Investors

The conference is a premier event in the Generative AI calendar, here are some of the key headlines that I think would directly improve our team's Gen AI efforts:

  • C-Suite Business Leaders & AI Technologists Exposure - This two-track event combines business decision-makers—who are choosing which Gen AI tools to use, how to assess the tools, and how the market will progress over the next year—with AI technologists working on issues such as hallucination prevention, privacy in models, and data leakages.
  • Networking Opportunities - With over 200+ business leaders and technologists alongside Generative AI vendors (HW/SW, model builders, hyperscalers), this is a fantastic opportunity to expose the team to the people creating and implementing Generative AI.
  • Workshop Learning - Get your team involved with real-world case studies with workshops from one of the Big Four, giving your team one-on-one time with world-leading AI technologists.
  • AI Safety Development - Help your team evaluate models and Gen AI tools and how they impact your data and AI safety with presentations, panels, and more from AI safety practitioners.

I am confident that attending the Enterprise Generative AI Summit West conference in May will help inform our team better about the Generative AI space, shape our team’s Gen AI direction, and expose us to real-world implementations of Gen AI. Further, I would actively engage in all networking events, presentations, workshops, and more.

Thank you for considering my request. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to discuss them.

Kind regards,

[Your Name].