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Prasad Saripalli serves as a Distinguished Engineer at Capital One, a technology driven bank on the Fortune 100 list, redefining Fintech and Banking using data, technology, AI and ML in unprecedented ways. Most recently, Prasad served as the Vice President of AIML and Distinguished Engineer at MindBody Inc - a portfolio company of Vista which manages the world's fourth-largest enterprise software company after Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Earlier, he served as VP Data Science at Edifecs, an industry premier healthcare information technology partnership platform and software provider, building Smart Decisions ML & AI Platform with Ml Apps Front. Prior to this, Prasad served as CTO and VP Engineering at, provider of Military grade Security and Privacy solutions developed and deployed over the past 15 years at Topia Technology for the Federal Government and the Enterprise, and as CTO & EVP at ClipCard, a SaaS based Hierarchical Analytics and Visualization platform.

At IBM, Prasad served as the Chief Architect for IBM's SmartCloud Enterprise ( At Runaware, he served as the Vice President of Product Development. As a Principal Group Manager at Microsoft, Prasad co-led the development of virtualization stack on Windows 7 responsible for shipping Virtual PC7 and Windows XP Mode on Windows 7.

Prasad teaches Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Distributed Systems, Cloud Engineering and Robotics at Northeastern University and the University of Washington Continuum College.

Job Title: 
Distinguished Engineer
Capital One